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Promotional Merchandise & Corporate Gifts Online in Australia

If you own a business, of any size, chances are you have considered using promotional merchandise. Engaging with your customers, through a range of creative and memorable strategies, is good business. Most companies will have a marketing plan, run local or national adverts and invest money in online promotion. The difference with corporate merchandise, compared to these other methods, is that promotional items are tactile, physical and invite your branding into the homes and offices of your potential, and existing, clients.

So, what is the different between the promotional products you might find on other sites and those designed and made by Marketiers? It’s a fair question; in a flooded marketplace it can be hard to differentiate between brands to make sure your business is getting the very best. 

Promotional Merchandise That Will Bring Your Brand To Life

At Marketiers, we are confident that we offer something completely unique to our customers, because unique is our business. 

Marketiers design and produce unique promotional merchandise and corporate gifts, branded and devised to meet your bespoke requirements. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed our service into a truly unique offering. 

Other services may be able to offer to print your logo on a generic set of cups or calendars, but Marketiers can offer you a complete, professional, rebrand service. We provide consultation on creating the perfect items to complement your business and an on-going relationship that moves with your company. We are not a one size fits all provider; we are your size, made to measure. 

Benefits of Investing in Promotional Merchandise

Have you heard of the marketing rule of seven? Put simply, the theory states that your potential clients or customers will need to be exposed to your brand or service a minimum of seven times before your advertising converts to a sale or action. 

More contemporary thinking actually puts this at higher than seven contact points, due to our increased exposure to multiple marketing campaigns. Seven touch points is a lot of money spent on traditional advertising, so social media has become a key part of most marketing plans. Even social media, though, gives you a finite timeline and the cost per view can mount up.

Corporate merchandise is different as one cost gives you potentially years of daily ‘touch’ points. Take the humble coffee cup; your branding could be the first thing your potential client sees, every day. This kind of reinforcement can convert new sales and keep hold of existing relationships.

Marketiers understands this principle inherently, so we can help you think about how your customer operates, what time of day you most want them to be thinking about your company and how to put a product in their hands that maximises that moment. 

Other benefits to using corporate merchandise include:

  • Brand loyalty

    Attracting new customers is important, of course, but no business can survive without high retention rates. One of the best ways to turn a first-time customer into a long-term relationship Is to properly and positively engage with them from the beginning.

    A business relationship is sometimes not that much different from a personal one. When we meet somebody new, and things are looking good, we give them our attention, finding ways to demonstrate our interest and affection. You might buy flowers, chocolates or pay for dinner. You may not be romantically wooing them, but each new client needs to feel looked after. What better way to demonstrate your intention to keep them as a customer than a well thought out gift?

    A corporate gift builds brand loyalty; it stays with your client when you are not there, reminding them of your great service. Studies show that at conventions, exhibitions and events we are more likely to engage with a business if they offer freebies. The principle applies to all contact points, giving a gift to your new customers generates good will and promotes continued communication.
  • Reward long-term commitments

    Once you have built brand loyalty, reward it! Sometimes clients can feel neglected, and other companies are wooing them with attractive offers or merchandise. Remember to reward loyalty with your longstanding clients, giving a regular gift can help with this.

    Some of our customers choose to observe certain holidays, giving corporate gifts at appropriate points of the year. Others prefer to observe milestones, like signing contracts, anniversaries or business-related celebrations. Whatever you choose, keep them sweet by showing they are never far from your mind.
  • Pass it on to a friend

    Did you know that a lot of people pass their branded merchandise on to others after they are finished with it? This is fantastic news for you, because you get twice the impact for your original spend. Let’s imagine you are an insurance company, and for Christmas you gave all of your big clients a branded water bottle.

    Your client maybe uses the bottle for a few months, taking it to the gym and getting good use from it. For your initial investment, you’ve achieved your objective in putting your brand first in their mind and showing them their value. If your client then lends, or gives, their bottle to a friend, you have now succeeded in halving your cost per impression.

Start your journey towards marketing magic

The most important thing about promotional material is making sure that you have the right concept and execution. It’s probably no use giving out water bottles if you sell carbonated drinks, for example. At Marketiers, we can personalise your plan to make sure your products are intuitive, effective and within your budget.

To speak with us simply navigate to our contact page and request a quote. Alternatively, you can contact our Sydney office on 02 9555 9557, or Melbourne on 0400 977 211.

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Why Marketiers?

In a branded merchandise industry full of so much “stuff”, we offer well thought out ideas that are useful, relevant, create impact and will be around for a long time to come.

There are thousands of products available to you, literally thousands!  We don't list them all because that is why we are here, to explore, research and come to you with intelligent solutions to promote your brand.


Company branded notebooks and branded pens produced for Toyota by Marketiers – Promotional products Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong


We offer research and strategy, market trend analysis and explore creative solutions.


We provide strategic thinking & planning, expert sourcing capabilities and exceptional customer service.


We bring significant buying power, competitive pricing and unique, quality product development.


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