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Corporate Branded Notebooks

Notebooks are an essential piece of equipment for most businesses. They allow you to note down important information during a meeting or just as thoughts occur, ensuring that important information is not forgotten.

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Branded Notebooks With Custom Logo  

Marketiers have a wide range of branded notebooks available online that is designed to meet your company’s needs and purposes. Our notebooks feature a quality design with different options available to suit a wide variety of businesses.

Innovative designs for businesses

From simple designs right through to notebooks that feature technological advances, Marketiers have corporate branded notebooks that will suit your business.

Our simpler designs include our Cuppia Notebook; this comes as a black notebook with a striking coloured spine and elasticated closure. This, added with your branding, will really make this notebook stand out from the crowd. It can also hold a pen, so it is extremely convenient. 

Nowadays, there is so much to carry when going into meetings, however, with our Osla A5 Notebook, your employees can keep their hands free with this innovative design. This notebook can even hold your mobile phone and a USB stick for you, along with other essential items like business cards and a pen. With its smart fabric design that comes in 3 colours, this stylish choice looks great as well as being functional. 

Perhaps our most impressive notebook is our E-Notebook. With advances in technology, now more than ever people are relying on technology to hold all their important notes. However, it is sometimes easier to handwrite, and our E-Notebook will allow you to do this.

When using the included pen, the smart sensor in the back cover will take note of what you have written or sketched and then upload them into the Cloud with an APP. Not only can these be stored securely, but they can also be shared easily with other colleagues and sent on various media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. Like all our custom brand notebooks, you can add your company’s logo and be noticed at meetings and corporate events.

For a luxury choice of corporate notebooks with your company’s logo, you could choose our Moleskin Notebook. This luxurious notebook promises premium quality and is fully customisable, allowing you to choose your cover’s colour, add any decorations and include your brand’s logo.

With such a wide choice available, Marketiers’ notebooks allow you to choose items that will suit your company’s image, promote your brand and be fully functional.

Marketiers: the place to get your branded notebooks

Our branded notebooks are available throughout Australia and give you endless options for choosing the perfect notebook for your company.

With our innovative designs and exceptional customer service, Marketiers are the ideal choice when choosing promotional products for your business. We can even deliver your promotional merchandise to you with short notice because we understand that sometimes you need things urgently.

Be seen with our range of notebooks. Choose your design and request a quote online today.

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