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Promotional Merchandise

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in the game for a long time, business is all about getting new clients and retaining existing relationships. It sounds like a simple idea (because it is), but the task itself is much more difficult than it might seem. 

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Get your logo on promotional merchandise

A cost effective and popular choice is creating your own promotional merchandise. Products, gifts or items with your logo that reach out to your client base and grab their attention. Promotional products have been around for a long time and marketing experts swear by branded merchandise to get the job done.

At Marketiers, we’re proud to offer you the very best promotional material on the market. 

A rainbow of bespoke marketing products

Every colour, every product; we pride ourselves on bringing you the best in quality, price and choice. Your business is unique so your gifts need to be too. Check out our recommendations for out of the box ideas for your business.

  • Enzo Magnetic Phone Holder

    One approach is to put yourself in a position to solve your client’s problems, so they associate you with feeling looked after, intelligent choices and success. Our Enzo Magnetic Phone Holder is a neat way to do this every day, at least twice a day! If you think about your clients’ commute, most of them are driving to and from their place of business, and some are even out on the road all day.

    We’ve all had that moment where our mobile, which is also acting as our satnav and handsfree car phone, slides off the dashboard and under the seat. Annoying, and dangerous, this problem can be solved by this nifty magnetic holder. The best part? Every time they attach and remove their phone, your logo will shine out at them, reminding them whom they can trust to get the job done.
  • Activity Tracker (premium)

    Is there anything we check more often than our watch? Well, these days we look at our wrists even more frequently, because this device also tells you your step count, heart rate, calorie burn and sleep stats. To make it even more visible, your client can also link to their phone for WhatsApp, social media, calls and calendar updates. A gift that really will make them feel special, get daily use and put your branding right at their fingertips. Engraved with a beautiful laser technique, this is a big hit with big clients.
  • Arcadia Picnic Backpack

    Jam-packed with everything they need to sit down to a delightful summer meal, al fresco style! Family moments or friendly gatherings, this gift puts your brand right in the middle of some of your client’s most precious moments. What better way to make sure your customer feels like family?

Check out our corporate gifts guide online

With so many options to choose from you might be in some need of a bit of inspiration. That’s why we put together the e-guide for branded promotional merchandise. 432 pages full of beautiful designs, expert ideas and unusual solutions to your business’ branding needs. Have a leaf through the guide to find out more. Just click ‘view catalogue’ now.

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