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Promotional Shirts

You know what they say, never miss an opportunity for low cost advertising. If you send your employees out into the world, make sure your brand is sitting pride of place on their promotional shirts, with your logo for all to see.

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Get promotional shirts with your logo printed on them

Whether they are in your office, or attending exhibitions or conferences, branded shirts are extremely visible to your customer, making a big impact. The key to making the most of your customised clothing is investing in quality produce. This ensures you will more than recoup your outlay by reaching thousands of customers over multiple outings.

At Marketiers we only deal in the best promotional clothing; our value for money mentality means we’re always thinking about your bottom line and finding ways to reduce your cost per client engagement. Our styles offer a range of options and we can help you find the right fit for your business. 

Custom Promotional Shirts Australia

Our designs are made to fit your business, so contact us to discuss your needs before making a decision. As a guide, you can choose between: 

  • Harper Long Sleeve Shirt

    These stylish shirts are perfect for those needing a smarter option for their staff. The yarn is a dyed Prince of Wales check fabric, available in two colours, blended with polyester for an easy care, hard wearing option. Featuring a button-down collar design with pleated back and matching pocket, this shirt is versatile and can be worn tucked in or out of trousers. Suitable styles for both men and women available.
  • Barrett Long Sleeve Shirt

    Barrett designs prioritise quality and comfort, and a cotton rich fabric provides this in spades. Easy care makes for a shirt that washes well, perfect for home laundering (or in larger quantities commercially). Available in several colour combinations including; Charcoal/Black, Red/Black and Royal Blue/Black. This shirt has a cool, casual look for relaxed and modern brands.
  • Floyd Linen Shirt

    Great for those working in warmer areas, linen is light, cool and extremely comfortable to wear. Giving a natural, earthy look to your employees this range is popular with health brands, those associated with nature, and organic food providers.
  • Restore Casual Shirt

    A classic design that’s perfect for hospitality and similar brands, this smart shirt is a great staple addition to any uniform. Made with a modern casual fit, but sporting classic block colours, this shirt will be popular with employees and suitable for more formal events too.
  • Linen Shirt

    If your brand is about being effortless, cool and relaxed then this linen number is for you. Very environmentally friendly, this soft aesthetic is extremely popular with beauty spas and natural focusing brands.

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