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Seed Stick Grow Box

Seed Stick Grow Box

What can be better than giving a branded home grown flower pot.  Grow packs have been specifically designed to 'germinate' and 'grow' seeds inside the clam pack. Everything you need to grow a pre-selected group of Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables or Australian Natives is contained in the pack. 

Each box has a card that we custom print for your message or branding visible from the outside when the box is closed, growing instruction are on the reverse of the card visible when the box is opened. Inside there is 3 or 5 peat pots with a compressed peat pellet for each pot, we provide 3 individual 5 stick packs for planting and plant labels. There are opportunities for branding the seed packs and the plant labels if desired.

Other options available are 5 or 10 Seed Stick Packs.

Each order has the option of full colour print to the outer and inner packaging and choice of seed variety from our website. Growing instructions, common name, botanical name and expected germination time of seeds appear on all our products. 

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